Artist: Qingdao small concrete pump truck price

When the small concrete pump truck is in normal fabric, it needs to constantly change the posture of the boom, because the center of gravity of the pump will change with the change of the posture of the boom. During the construction of the pump truck, the vibration of the boom and the collapse of the ground will also change the center of gravity of the vehicle. If the center of gravity exceeds the range of the legs, it will lead to rollover.
Pump trucks need to pay attention to when using them. Nowadays, many manufacturers have added intelligent anti-flip measures. There are two main types of measures: checking the tilting device of the pumping truck and detecting the force of the supporting leg. The tilt sensor senses the level of the pump and can send horizontal angle information to avoid rollover caused by ground subsidence. The force sensor of the leg can detect the force of the leg, and can promptly issue a warning or suspend the current pumping when the leg is unevenly stressed. However, it is worth noting that artificial intelligence is not omnipotent. Therefore, a good pumping operator is needed at the construction site. It is more effective to artificially judge the sudden situation on the site than artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is necessary to remind the customer of the need for the pump operator. Timely skills training, the accumulation of pumping experience in the first place.
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