Artist: Dosing metering pump can not pump pharmacy

As a important equipment in the industrial sewage treatment process, the dosing metering pump can not be pumped with the following conditions when the power supply is normal and the motor can run: (1) The bottom valve of the dosing pump is blocked by debris. Stay, just clean the bottom valve and you can take the medicine. (2) There is air in the inlet of the dosing metering pump, which may cause the drug to be inhaled. The reason may also be that the inlet airtightness is not good, resulting in air intake. It is necessary to check the airtightness of each interface position at the inlet end and reseal the fastening. (3) After the dosing pump is lowered to a certain level, the dosing pump may not be able to absorb water. The reason may be that the pipe is installed too long and the suction stroke is not enough; when the liquid level is lowered, the syrup in the inlet pipe is It also drops with the liquid level and eventually does not absorb water. It is necessary to change the installation position of the dosing pump or replace the dosing pump with high suction stroke caused by the suction stroke.
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