Artist: Changqing Oilfield Engineering Fire Pump Case

Founded in 1970, Changqing Oilfield is the second largest oil and gas field of China Petroleum and the center of China's onshore natural gas supply and transportation network. For more than 30 years, Changqing people have always adhered to the noble character of "patriotism, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking, dedication" and the spirit of iron man and Daqing spirit that China's petroleum industry is proud of. While inheriting the entrepreneurial spirit of the hard work of the older generation of oil people, Combining the collective heroic cultural genes that have been accumulated for a long time with the modern enterprise management philosophy, persisting in deepening reforms, constantly improving the systems and mechanisms that are suitable for the development of the market economy, and forming a drive to “strike hard, hard work and enterprising” The Changqing cultural value system with "loyalty, courage, honesty, and harmony" has injected a strong spiritual impetus into the development of the enterprise. It has cultivated a large number of new-generation oil entrepreneurs, which has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises and brought them into full play. The pillar role of large state-owned enterprises.
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