Artist: Cautions for Use of Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump

(1) Because the cooling and lubrication of stainless steel magnetic pump bearings depend on the conveyed medium, it is forbidden to operate empty, and at the same time, it is avoided to operate in time and space when the power is cut off in the middle of the work and restarted.
(2) In the medium being transported, if solid particles are contained, a filter shall be added to the inlet of the pump: if ferromagnetic particles are contained, a magnetic filter shall be added. Otherwise, it will affect the life of the magnetic drive pump.
(3) The ambient temperature of the pump in use shall be less than 40 degrees Celsius, and the temperature rise of the motor shall not exceed 75 degrees Celsius.
(4) The medium to be transported and its temperature shall be within the allowable range of the pump material. The operating temperature of engineering plastics pump is less than 100 C, the operating temperature of metal pump is less than 350 C, the suction pressure is not more than 0.2 MPa, the working pressure is 1.6 MPa, and the viscosity is not more than 30X10-6m2/S. More types of magnetic pump can be selected to find magnetic pump manufacturer Yongball pump valve telephone consultation.
(5) For the conveying fluid, which is easy to precipitate and crystallize, it should be cleaned in time after use, and the liquid accumulated in the pump should be discharged. Or use thermal insulation magnetic centrifugal pump, through the pump body as a jacket, can be heated by steam, heat conducting oil and hot water insulation.
(6) After 1000 hours of normal operation of stainless steel magnetic pump, the wear of bearing and end moving ring should be disassembled and inspected, and the vulnerable parts that are not suitable for reuse should be replaced.
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