Artist: Pump cover and housing connection structure

Pump cover and outer casing connection structure, water pump and automobile using the same

The utility model relates to the field of automobile heat pipeline systems, in particular to a pump cover and shell connection structure, a water pump and a vehicle using the same.
Background technique:

In the automotive industry, an internal combustion engine equipped with a supercharger needs to cool the intake air at the end of the pressurized intake air, generally by circulating an coolant through an electronic water pump. At present, the electronic water pump, the pump cover and the outer casing of the industry have no positioning structure, which is easy to be misplaced during assembly, resulting in problems such as loose installation, leakage, low production efficiency, etc. At the same time, the screw holes are unevenly distributed, and cannot be adapted to different angles of the water outlet of the pump cover. Installation requirements are less versatile, so it is especially important to solve this type of problem.
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