Artist: Failure Cause of Submersible Pump Not Pumping

The sealing device of submersible pump is too tight for the filler, so the cooling water can not enter the filler, or the shaft surface is damaged. Some measures can be taken, such as properly loosening the packing and cleaning up the blockage of the sealing pipe. Packing wear must be replaced. Pre-installed in the place of oil immersion, turn into the incision in turn to stagger, thereby reducing leakage.
1. Vibration of Submersible Pump
It may be that the electric rotor is unbalanced, or the coupling is not well combined, the bearing is worn and bent, or the rotating parts are loosened and broken, or the pipe support is not firm, etc. It can be adjusted, repaired, strengthened and replaced separately.
2. Leakage or leakage of pipeline
Nuts may not be tightened during installation of submersible pump connecting pipes. If the leakage is not serious, you can apply cement or mix the cement slurry with asphalt oil in the place of air or water leakage. Temporary repairs can be made with wet mud or soft soap. If the joint leaks, tighten the nut by hand. Serious leaks must be reassembled.
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