Artist: What are the hydraulic losses of centrifugal pumps?

The hydraulic loss of centrifugal pump includes impact loss, whirlpool loss and friction loss along the way.
I. Shock Loss
Each pump has its own design flow. When the consumption is working under the design flow condition, the liquid flow at the inlet enters the impeller along the blade, so there is no impact with the blade, and the liquid flow at the outlet also does not occur with the impact of the pump shell, which has a higher efficiency. However, when the flow rate deviates from the design condition, the direction of the liquid flow will deviate from the direction of the blade, resulting in impact.
2. Vortex Loss
In water pumps, the cross section is a very complex space section. When the liquid passes through it, the velocity and direction of the flow will change constantly, so the vortex loss will inevitably occur. In addition, the eddy loss will increase when there are sharp corners, burrs and dead water on the surface of the flow.
3. Friction loss along the way
Because of the roughness of the surface of the pump and the viscous nature of the liquid, the friction loss of the liquid will occur when it swims. The loss is expressed in the following formula.
Hm = A - coefficient in AQ2.
Drawing on a coordinate is a parabola with the origin as its vertex.
Among the hydraulic losses in various parts, the hydraulic losses in impeller are the largest, accounting for about half of the total confused black and white losses; secondly, the hydraulic losses at the turning of guide vane account for about 1/4 of the total hydraulic losses, while the remaining 1/4 hydraulic losses are lost in impeller to guide vane, guide vane diffusion part, anti-guide vane to impeller entrance and other parts.
In order to reduce the hydraulic loss of the pump, it is necessary to make the fluid flow change smoothly and the speed is reasonable. The suitable impeller, guide vane type and entrance and exit angle are selected. In addition, the surface finish of the overflow parts should be improved.
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