Artist: Common sense problems that steelmaking must understand

<p>12. Why do steelmaking slag?</p>
<p>Answer: Refining steel must first refine the slag. The completion of all steelmaking tasks is almost related to slag. The purpose of steelmaking slag is to remove the harmful elements in the steel P, S2 steel slag covering the surface of the molten steel, to protect the molten steel from excessive oxidation, not to absorb harmful gases, heat preservation, and reduce the burning of beneficial elements. 3 absorbs the floating inclusions and reaction products. 4 to ensure that the carbon and oxygen reaction proceeds smoothly. 5 can reduce the lining erosion.</p>
<p>13. What is the relationship between aluminum and steel properties?</p>
<p>Answer: Aluminum is added to steel as a deoxidizer or alloying element. Aluminum deoxidation ability is much stronger than silicon and manganese. The main role of aluminum in steel is to refine grains and fix nitrogen in steel, thereby significantly improving the impact toughness of steel and reducing the tendency of cold and brittleness and aging tendency. Aluminum can also improve the corrosion resistance of steel, especially when used in combination with molybdenum, copper, silicon, chromium and other elements.</p>
<p>14. What effect does oxygen have on the properties of steel?</p>
<p>Answer: The solubility of oxygen in solid iron is small, mainly in the form of oxide inclusions. Therefore, the inclusions in the steel are mostly oxides except for a part of sulfides. Non-metallic inclusions are the main source of steel damage, and have significant adverse effects on the fatigue strength, processability, ductility, toughness, weldability, HIC resistance, and corrosion resistance of steel. The oxygen content is high, and the continuous casting slab also produces defects such as subcutaneous bubbles, which deteriorate the surface quality of the continuous casting blank.</p>

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