Artist: Why does the pump body of the canned pump vibrate?

Canned pump is a kind of seamless pump. Both pump and driving motor are sealed in a pressure vessel filled with pumping medium. The pressure vessel is only statically sealed, and a wire group is used to provide rotating magnetic field and drive the rotor. Because of the sealing of the canned pump, when the pump body vibrates, we should eliminate the causes in time to avoid affecting the use of the pump. The common reasons for vibration of shielded pumps are as follows.
1. The center of the pump and motor is not correct.
2. The foot screw of the pump body or motor is loose or the foundation is not firm.
3. Insufficient tightening force of bearing cover. It makes the bearing bush jump in the body.
4. The mass of the rotor is unbalanced.
5. The volute pumps, especially some high-lift volute pumps, will also have different degrees of vibration when the flow rate is small, because the rotor has the role of radial force at this time. When the exit valve is opened to a certain extent, the vibration disappears immediately. Single-shell pumps can operate under high pressure, but their high temperature and heat shock resistance are different.
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