Artist: 45 carbon steel

<p>Medium carbon quenched and tempered structural steel is commonly used. The steel has general cold plasticity, better annealing and normalizing than quenching and tempering, higher strength and better machinability. After proper heat treatment, it can obtain certain toughness, plasticity and wear resistance, and the material source is convenient. Suitable for hydrogen welding and argon arc welding, not suitable for gas welding. Preheating is necessary before welding and stress relief annealing is necessary after welding.<br /><a href="">Malla De Alambre Tejida Del Acero Inoxidable De La Categor��a Alimenticia 316</a>
Normalizing can improve the cutting performance of the blank with hardness less than 160 HBS. After quenching and tempering treatment, the comprehensive mechanical properties of the steel are optimized to other medium carbon structural steels, but the hardenability of the steel is low, the critical hardenability diameter in water is 12-17 mm, and the steel tends to crack during water quenching. When the diameter is larger than 80 mm, the mechanical properties of the steel are similar after quenching or normalizing. After quenching and tempering treatment, the medium and small die parts can obtain higher strength and toughness, while the large parts are suitable for normalizing treatment. Therefore, the steel is usually used in quenched and normalized state.<br /><a href="">Garden Screen Laser Cutting China Weathering Steel Sheet</a>
Liquidus temperature<br />
Carbon content ranged from 0.42 to 0.50% at 1495 (?)<br />
Reference to corresponding steel numbers: China GB standard steel No. 45; Japan JIS standard steel No. S45C/S48C; Germany DIN standard steel No. 1.0503; Germany DIN standard steel No. C45; Britain BS standard steel No. IC45/080A47; France AFNOR standard steel No. CC45; France NF standard steel No. C45; Italy UNI standard steel No. C45; Belgium NBN standard steel No. C45-1; Sweden SS standard steel No. 1650; Spain standard steel No. F.114 American AISI/SAE standard steel No. 1045; ISO standard steel No. C45E4.</p><a href="">Tuber��a De Acero Al Carbono Sin Soldadura Astm A106 A53 De SYI Group</a>