Artist: FRP Water Jet Vacuum Pump

Product Overview
Water jet vacuum pump is a kind of mechanical device with two kinds of effective energy such as vacuum, condensation and drainage. It uses a certain pressure of water flow through the inclined nozzle to eject. Because of the high velocity of jet water, vacuum is generated in the chamber. In addition, due to the direct contact between secondary steam and jet water and heat exchange, most of the steam condenses into water, and a small amount of unconsolidated steam and non-condensable gas interact with the high-speed jet water flow. Friction, mixing and extrusion are excluded through diffuser tube to form a higher vacuum in the chamber.
Product characteristics
The FRP ejector can be vacuum pumped with the corresponding centrifugal pump. The ejector does not need high installation, but can be installed flat. The ejector is easy to install without maintenance. In addition to the characteristics of anti-corrosion ejector, FRP moulding ejector has the advantages of high moulding density, smooth and firm inner and outer surfaces, higher durability and corrosion resistance, and better performance than stainless steel parts.
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