Artist: Stainless steel surface cleaning agent degreasing and degreasing

<p>Stainless Steel Surface Treatment Prior to any process, grease, cutting fluid, compounds and other lubricants must be removed before the surface heat treatment of the stainless steel part can be performed or the final passivation treatment can be performed. The stainless steel parts must also be further welded by welding before degreasing to prevent the carbon at the high temperature of the pickup.</p>

<p>Usually, stainless steel cleaning agent (No. CA-Q03) is used. It only needs to be immersed at room temperature for 1-8 minutes to remove any oil stains. It is easy to operate, low in labor intensity, and can be recycled repeatedly, effectively reducing the production cost. In cleaning operations with other metals, the cleaning rate can be increased by using brushing, spraying or agitation during operation.</p>

<p>In addition to the above processes, such as: electroplating, anodizing, sand blasting, painting, passivation, pickling, degreasing, derusting and so on.</p>

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