Artist: Advantages and disadvantages of intaglio printing

<p>① advantages: ink performance of about 90%, rich color. Strong color reproduction. Strong layout tolerance. There is a huge amount of printing. It can be used in a wide range of paper, and materials other than paper can also be printed.<br/>
(2) disadvantages: plate making cost is expensive, printing cost is also expensive, plate making work is more complex, a small number of print measuring parts are not suitable.<a href="">2019 Stationary For Children Notebook Spiral Free Samples 2019 Oficina Accesorios Recycled A5 Eco Friendly Spiral Notebook</a><br/>
Engraving and intaglio printing, because of its fine lines and not easy to fake, are used in the printing of securities, such as banknotes, stocks, gift certificates, stamps and commercial credit certificates or stationery. Due to its high cost of plate making and printing, there are few common printed products. As for gravure, although the process of plate making is more complicated and its cost is also more expensive, it is not suitable for printing a small number of prints. Generally, it is used in a large number of printing materials, such as color magazines and the current popular building materials printing, etc., which are extremely suitable. Gravure printing because of the use of high-speed rotary machine, not only the speed is fast, but also the ink film is far thicker than letterpress or lithography.<a href="">Hot Sale Oem Odm Long Lasting Water Proof Luxury Makeup Cosmetics Make Your Own Liquid Eyeliner</a></p>