Artist: Hardness is the main technical index of die steel

Hardness is the main technical index of die steel, die steel manufacturers in the effect of high stress to adhere to its shape and scale unchanged, must have enough high hardness. Under the condition of room temperature, the hardness of cold working die steel is generally around HRC60, and according to the operating conditions, the hot working die steel is generally required to be within the range of HRC40~55. For the same steel, hardness is proportional to deformation resistance in a certain range of hardness values. However, the plastic deformation resistance of different steels with the same hardness value and different composition and arrangement may be significantly different.
Red hard in the state of high temperature operation of the hot mold, the requirements to adhere to its arrangement and function of stability, and then adhere to the high enough hardness, this function is called red hard. Carbon tool steel, low alloy tool steel can generally adhere to this function in the temperature range of 180~250℃, chromium molybdenum hot die steel generally adhere to this function in the temperature range of 550~600℃. The red hardness of steel mainly depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment process of steel.

Compressive yield strength and compressive flexural strength molds are often subjected to high strength pressure and flexural strength in the process of use, so it is required that the mold materials should have certain compressive strength and flexural strength. In many cases, the conditions under which the compressive and bending tests are carried out are close to the actual operating conditions of the die (for example, the compressive strength of the die steel measured is more in line with the deformation resistance shown during the punch operation). Another advantage of the bending test is that the absolute value of strain variable is large, which can reflect the difference of deformation resistance between different steel types and under different heat treatment and arrangement.
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