Artist: Brief introduction of cost control methods in heat treatment industry

Heat treatment is an industry that consumes energy, especially electric energy. The loss of inaction is also serious. Most of the equipment has to go through the stages of long-term preheating, heating, heat preservation and cooling. For enterprises with relatively small production scale, it is necessary to strengthen isothermal annealing or normalizing of residual heat, centralize unified production of products, designate special operation of equipment, and assign special personnel to operate. Different products have different heating and heat preservation times. For carbon steel and low-carbon alloy steel, if the shape ratio of products is simple and the size is relatively small, zero heat preservation quenching can be completely used to achieve high efficiency Purpose of energy conservation.
There are also technical essentials in details, which can ensure the quality of products, avoid overheating, oxidation and decarburization; secondly, it can greatly avoid the phenomenon of time-consuming, labor-consuming, power consuming and human consumption. In order to produce one or two or a dozen or more products, some units have to open the furnace for operation. We can think of how much the loss is if 4-5 people keep one furnace. Of course, for larger enterprises, the equipment is more advanced, the products are more full, and the cost consumption is even greater. On the premise of grasping the process requirements, we can take two or more shifts, make full use of the efficiency and durability of the equipment, form a one-stop manufacturing, and avoid the intermediate delay or empty furnace operation.
We also need to firmly grasp the market value of heat treatment industry. The processing fees are charged according to the corresponding prices for the process requirements, weight, complexity and simplicity of each product. I think no one is willing to make a loss business. The cost is an invisible thing, and it flows away accidentally. It's all due to our on-site managers or operators' maintenance of the equipment, strict implementation of the process, careful process, control of every detail, and doing good people, machines, materials, methods, environment and inspection. This "six part" of heat treatment completes the whole heat treatment mission. Therefore, a complete set of on-site management plays an important role in cost control and cost saving awareness, which also has a lot to do with the enterprise environment and system.

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