10/26/15 08:17AM
Is ponibooru dieing?
it is?

even some thumbnail images are starting to fail in chrome.
10/28/15 10:40PM
Hell no
Ponibooru will always exist as a place for images that the fags at Derpibooru rejected. Plus, I made a simple JavaScript program to convert Derpibooru tags to Gelbooru (the software that Ponibooru uses) tags (and vise versa):

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Reformat tags</title>
<textarea id="tags" cols="48" rows="20" tabindex="3"></textarea>
<br><button onclick="spaceToComma()" style="margin-bottom:3px;"><tt>Convert "keyword key_word" to "keyword, key word"</tt></button>
<br><button onclick="commaToSpace()"><tt>Convert "keyword, key word" to "keyword key_word"</tt></button>
<br><small>(works with or without space(s) after the comma(s))</small>
function commaToSpace() {
var str = document.getElementById("tags").value;
if (str.match(", ")) {
var res = str.replace(/, /g, ",");
var res2 = res.replace(/ /g, "_")
document.getElementById("tags").value = res2.replace(/,/g, " ");
} else {
var res = str.replace(/ /g, "_");
document.getElementById("tags").value = res.replace(/,/g, " ");
function spaceToComma() {
var str = document.getElementById("tags").value;
var res = str.replace(/ /g, ", ");
document.getElementById("tags").value = res.replace(/_/g, " ");

(quote to get formatted JS)
10/29/15 08:38PM
It seems like easily 95% of all thumbnails fail for me. I can't see a single one on some tags when I look them up.

The problem can't be on my end I believe, my browser and all plugins are up to date. I don't get it.
10/30/15 02:12AM
It is actually a problem of the site. I can't see a single thumbnail. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. This is the only decent place where you can post something without someone bitching and removing it for some reason. When a site is too popular, it becomes corrupted and censored a lot.
10/30/15 03:55AM

Yeah that's true: restricting freedom = advertisers will put their ads up = more money
11/08/15 02:32AM
Come on, fix the thumbnails
11/08/15 08:37AM
At least is good to know this is not on my end, i've tried every web browser I know so far: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Oracle, Opera, Safari for Windows and even Tor, the only one that was missing was Netscape.

althought on other hand, I find this disturbing due to the fact that it was how it had started the slow but sudden death of Metabooru
11/18/15 03:46AM
It works now, thank you

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