11/10/15 04:14PM
Tags instead of images
Everytime I try to cl..Ehm, observe some arts, I see tags instead of images. What's wrong? How do I fix it? - screenshot.
11/13/15 03:04AM
Same here, more or less. It looks a little different, but basically the thumbnails won't load or something.
11/16/15 08:16AM
Ponybooru is broken, and there's no date nor indication when will it get fixed, so far
11/18/15 02:03AM
It fucking WORKS.
I copipasted the script from the previous topic into *.html notepad, launched it via my browser(which is Mozilla). I got a little dissapointed 1st when I saw that the script is supposed to interpritate tags you should wite in manually. But then I went to pbooru fold and saw it's working. It MAY BE just a coinscedence that I've figured out how to use that thing right when they fixed the site, but if not, then I'm happiky bringing you the good news.
11/18/15 10:38AM
the site was just fixed.

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