08/10/17 09:10AM
wait for the floor
After a lot of prying and friends introduction, finally selected Shanghai B & Q decoration building materials supermarket Co., Ltd. Yangpu shop.After signing the contract, I have made all the material and project cost of the decoration in the special fund card of Q & B.
May 30th should be the floor of the day of "approach", but the delay of the missing.With Q & B contact, the other said that the floor is not available on time, and written promise will be sent on June 6th.But the day our family stretched their necks to wait for a day <a href="" >outdoor wpc floor</a> , and didn't wait for the floor.
In my anger I put forward the request for return and compensation, only to be insulted and beaten by them.B & Q claims to be "trustworthy decoration company", but so not to say good faith, but also to be violent, it is really outrageous.
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