08/10/17 11:32AM
price and the whole
but the fly in the ointment is equipped with the skirting board can not be consistent with the floor color and door sets. And like Europe, Ruijia [url=]garden floor supplier[/url] , such as the implementation of semi-packaged brand to provide the skirting board is the production of their own brand, the quality of more secure.
According to Huang Dakang introduction, the floor price does not include the skirting board and buckle has become a wooden flooring industry, a trend, because all-inclusive and single-cost skirting and buckle price per square meter can be about 12 yuan cheaper,
so from the surface Point of view will be able to give consumers a kind of intuitive cheap, but in fact if the skirting board and buckle the price, both the price and the whole package is almost the same.
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