08/11/17 03:11AM
focus of the channel
The factory is in line with the depth of the distribution policy, but to fully cultivate the market, in all 23 cities, county-level markets are the implementation of the depth of distribution [url=]outdoor waterproof deck[/url] , open distribution households, and even set up direct offices,
branch companies, after all, not much , Most manufacturers still need dealers to cover the 23 market. The difference is that manufacturers now require not only sales, more of the terminal performance! Therefore, the development of the surrounding market,
to do: 1) to find a local partner to do a fixed distributor, to help themselves manage the market; 2) their business staff to form a fixed visit to the market; 3) The focus of the channel customers familiar with; 4) to help the distributor to manage the market, master the terminal.
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