08/11/17 08:37AM
wood flooring market
but a vivid image, such as people, he gave the impression that the market is not the name, but the performance of this person. This person's quality of cultivation [url=]garden floor supplier[/url] , and affect his performance, but the real decision to show the merits of this person, it is mentality.
For the brand, this attitude is positioning. Brand positioning - from the market at the same time from the manufacturers themselves in 2004 wood flooring market, for the real adherence to the brand of the road manufacturers, can be described as mixed.
Happily, after experiencing a price war, product concept war (new product), the market has ushered in the brand war. In 2004 the annual output of the industry reached 210 million square meters, of which the brand manufacturers from the original share of less than 20%, rapid expansion to 35 - 45% in 2005, is expected to reach 50-60%.
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