10/11/17 07:13AM
non-governmental organizations
<p>Concerned that the enterprise in addition to their own sense of responsibility, but also must fully understand the international community to combat illegal timber trade and the world's major countries to take the relevant New Deal. Internationally promoting the fight against illegal logging The illegal logging and related trade issues have become </p>
<p>hot issues in international forest issues and are widely watched by governments, the international community and non-governmental organizations. According to information from relevant international organizations and the World Bank, illegal logging worldwide has resulted in serious economic losses each year, and at the same time has led to </p>
<p>the destruction of government revenue and other issues. According to experts, in the context of resources, markets and economic competition, some countries and international organizations, especially non-governmental organizations, are pushing for various processes to combat illegal logging and illegal trade. The G8 took forest </p>
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