10/11/17 08:33AM
plate furniture
<p>combines a lot of Japanese style in which the most conspicuous is almost all the wardrobe, bookcases and other products, have joined the Japanese kimono in the bow pattern, so that the furniture lines look soft up, and these Solid wood furniture style, not only stylish and practical, with solid wood unique texture, from all aspects of a </p>
<p>comprehensive beyond the plate furniture. Sales staff, Qu Mei solid wood furniture in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities, has long been favorable, especially 30-year-old young people, these solid wood furniture a soft spot. In Yunnan, although the listing time is not long, and the listing is relatively low-key, but still by the market </p>
<p>recognition. And the same for the Beijing to send furniture furniture furniture, a few days ago also announced a high profile into the solid wood furniture market. I would like to know that the wind is indeed plans to increase the solid wood furniture, and in Beijing and other places of the market has been identified before and after May 1, as the </p>
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