10/11/17 09:26AM
kind of body
the price breaks up decuple Pangolin is the mammal of scale of the overgrow on a kind of body, encounter attack to meet shrink into oneself. Accordingly, do not have natural enemy almost in nature, but, it is become to make game by the mankind however and catch kill. Be in our country, pangolin is labelled 2 class are feral protective animal,

because attack,kill excessive, feral pangolin of home is very infrequent already. Offer according to suspect Zhu Mou narrate, they purchase these pangolin scale in African place, every kilograms of price is in 300 differ to 500 RMBs, and after contrabanding home, the price of these scale broke up decuple. "In domestic black market the sale may be

achieved 3000 to 5000 yuan of RMBs a kilogram, so the suspect feels in the center huge profit, sudden huge profits is in inside, so they also decide risk danger in desperation, those who make smuggling pangolin scale so a commerce. " Chen Chao says. Pangolin scale size is differ, as we have learned, scale of a kilogram of pangolin wants about from 3
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