10/11/17 09:31AM
Wood to moisture summer rush
<P>Summer wood floor, "summer" approach should pay attention to three points: First of all, if the home installation of the wooden floor, must be someone to stay,[url=]plancher en pvc en Turquie[/url] if it can not immediately stay, but also often keep the room ventilation, ventilation, heat; Home air conditioning as far as possible not to face the floor blowing, if you feel the indoor dry, you can properly humidification; Finally, the owner should go out when the curtains should be pulled, do not let the sun direct sun to the floor.</P>
<P>In the wet weather, the wood flooring is very easy to expand, deformation, from the arch. The weather is very hot, Industry experts pointed out that the wooden floor to survive this wet summer, not only in the pavement in advance to do a good job of moisture and moisture treatment, but also in the weekdays more care,[url=]panneau de plate-forme composite tchèque[/url] in order to cure the wood floor damp problem.</P>
<P>To avoid the wood floor in the rainy season of humid air expansion, deformation, from the arch, the consumer first in the purchase of the floor when the first good off. Industry experts pointed out that the quality of wood flooring material and structure of the scientific design,[url=]comparer le coût du porche avec porche en béton[/url] can effectively wet the weather caused by the floor expansion and deformation problems to prevent. </P>
<P>For example, the three layers of solid wood flooring, the top layer with a hard texture of the wood, very conducive to anti-wear; the middle layer and the bottom is used soft texture and strong water absorption of soft wood. Because of the good absorption of moisture, these corks greatly reduce the burden of surface wood, which can make the surface of the wood floor in the rainy season also maintain a hard,[url=]Cloture en vinyle de 8 pieds à vendre[/url] stable and beautiful original.</P>

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