10/11/17 01:12PM
strategic industry
<p>manager Feng Xuquan introduction, 3 years of technical research developed the 'bamboo keyboard', rewrite the keyboard to plastic as raw material history. At present, the technology and technology has been three national invention patents, products selling the United States, South Korea, Turkey and other countries and Southeast Asia. </p>
<p>'Bamboo industry is a new type of strategic industry, through scientific and technological innovation, in line with the requirements of low-carbon green.' Chen Xu said that in addition to low-carbon economic benefits, cultural and eco-tourism benefits are increasingly apparent. Wei Dian-sheng said that at present, the country's major production </p>
<p>of bamboo industry, the total output value of bamboo has reached 700 billion yuan, and 22.86% per year high-speed growth. Bamboo industry still need to raise the level of international bamboo and rattan network center deputy director Fei Benhua said that China's bamboo industry has entered a new period of rapid development. At the </p>
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