10/12/17 03:26AM
details of the event
<p>the end of August, the nature of the activities related activities will gradually announced. Buy floor, send TV. This gimmick is not small, looks pretty beautiful. Can it be so After investigation found that buying a floor to send television is a fact, but the same threshold exists. To the activities of the elephant, for example, need to meet the 60 </p>
<p>square meters standard, or need to compensation for the difference. And has always been inferior to the elephant of the nature, although the specific details of the event did not introduce, but would like to do not do a loss of business, sent out of the TV, in fact, already already earned back, right? In the price is not equal to the price of this </p>
<p>unspoken rules increasingly familiar with the customer, special promotions filled the streets today, the so-called buy flooring to send TV such activities on the real benefits of consumers how much, perhaps only companies know that consumers or fog See flowers. I do not know is not seen through the nature of similar promotions, another well-</p>
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