10/12/17 04:29AM
humidification procedures
<p>windows ventilation. And the autumn climate is dry, if then open the doors and windows, so that just brush a good wall was naturally dry, paint or wallpaper will be due to rapid loss of water and shrinkage deformation phenomenon. So it is best to make the wall naturally dry, in the process of drying only a small amount of room for air </p>
<p>circulation. If the weather is very dry, then in the process of paving the kitchen and bathroom wall, should also be added to the wall lift water humidification procedures, which can reduce the emergence of ceramic tile phenomenon. Third, the floor shrinkage wall cracking do not have to worry in the fall, wood floor shrinkage, wall cracking </p>
<p>and other issues which are seasonal changes in the normal phenomenon. Because the summer air humidity, walls, floors, wood furniture contained in the water are relatively large. Autumn air is relatively dry, wall, ground, wood furniture, easy to drain water. Because at this time the wall and other parts of the cracking is due to the gradual </p>
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