10/12/17 08:34AM
Friends of the floor
<p>Chongqing Ming fans and tens of thousands of consumers together red star Meikailong Nanping shop, the scene is hot, the scene is very spectacular. Chongqing daily temperature as high as 38.2 ℃, Huang Xiaoming still wearing a suit, boots debut, and always smiling, professionalism is admirable. This trip, Huang Xiaoming also brought </p>
<p>a up to 18 Rangli 'hurricane', the Friends of the floor and the Red Star Meikailong jointly build the floor carnival procurement section, the world floor of the headquarters of more than 20,000 square meters of special resources empty castle, Unprecedented none other, so that the carnival procurement section of the signing of the activities of the </p>
<p>building materials market in Chongqing in 2010 the largest event. Huang Xiaoming and Chongqing City, the Red Star Meikailong, World Friends of the floor, and other three parties together by the Kai 'touch the ball,' the United States and the United States, World Friends of the floor, 'the national green public welfare activities' officially </p>
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