10/12/17 02:15PM
improvement as before
South is loose: European market does not have improvement as before. The order for goods of the China that comes from Asia-Pacific area, [url=]coated outdoor anti skid water lumber[/url] Vietnam, Korea, Thailand presents ascendant trend. The southern pine sale in Egypt market is not lukewarm not fire, and performance of material criterion of Russia material and boreal Europe is brisk. Buy the Caribbean area of a market as southern loose tradition, partial importer begins to purchase filling goods in great quantities.

Gong Xuesong: BC saves climate not to suit cedar of many fell trees to bring about log to supply shortage. The yield of red cedar sawn [url=]indian wood plastic market[/url] timber is not consequently high, more finite to abroad supply. The personage inside course of study says this circumstance may last to the 2nd quarter.

Full continent in port lumber entrance[url=]Wpc Composite Sizes[/url] is given priority to with civilian battalion enterprise 98.5% what occupy gross According to full continent in custom statistic, before 2017 2 months, full continent in port imports timber 1.756 million stere, relatively go up year of the corresponding period [url=]Waterproof Flooring For Porch Floors[/url] (similarly hereinafter) grow 17.8% ; Commerce is worth 1.82 billion yuan of RMBs, grow 35.8% .

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