10/13/17 04:50AM
material is wood flour
<p>because the MDF can be adapted to the surface of the milling without deformation, debris, and the particleboard is made of wood crushed, if the surface will be smashed Deformation, affecting the quality of this cabinet cabinet door. Advantages: rich colors, monochrome color pure, not easy to crack deformation, wear, heat, dirt, anti-fade, </p>
<p>you can easily carry out daily cleaning and maintenance. Disadvantages: MDF is mainly made of wood powder, therefore, if the use of poor quality MDF as a substrate, then the moisture resistance is poor, the water will swell up, affecting the use. At the same time, because the MDF material is wood flour, such as cabinet door handles and </p>
<p>other accessories need to be fixed in the door on the door is difficult to long fixed on the door, low stability. Plate 2: Paint Board This sheet is very similar to the blister board. The paint board can be adapted to the production process only because it needs to be baked at high temperature on the surface of the substrate. Paint board is </p>
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