08/05/16 03:09AM
304 stainless steel sink using Notes
1, a stainless steel sink buy a home, if the house is still decorated, pay attention to regular window ventilation, or in stainless steel sink coated with a layer of cooking oil, decoration materials to avoid corrosive gases emitted surface oxidation of the tank, thereby cause rusting stainless steel sink.[url=http://www.jawaysteel.com/Hot-ro...-steel-coil-for-sales.htm ] Hot rolled stainless steel coil[/url]

2, usually exhausted after the sink, use water to wash, dry, do not have the sink surface water residue, water stains may cause the stainless steel surface to form a rust-colored brown-red marks, if difficult to remove stains, vinegar can be diluted with water, used to remove such deposition, water washed clean.
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3, to regularly clean the sink, use a neutral detergent, with a sponge, rag scrub gently, do not hard object or rusty metal phase at the time and sink, acid and alkali detergent in the water tank and do not , to avoid tank corrosion and wear.[url=http://www.jawaymetal.com/web/ge...044d&shoucang.userId= ] stainless steel bar round[/url]

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