12/06/17 02:35AM
culture of bamboo flooring
<p>rich Chinese culture of bamboo flooring. Information finishing: China's top ten wood flooring brand network Decoration, the ground is an important part of the material, and wood flooring is the most familiar decoration materials, but a visit to the flooring market, in the face of a variety of assortment, is </p>
<p>preparing for renovation of our slush, but also how to choose it? Today on the floor and talk to you about the floor to buy two or three things. Now on the market floor types are solid wood, multi-storey, strengthen, parquet; also level buckle, lock, GB, the European standard ... ... the price range, to different levels of consumers leave a </p>
<p>very big choice. The floor, as a very durable building material consumable, lasts 10-20 years or more and the time-tested flooring is undoubtedly the best for consumers who are looking for wearability and durability select. In addition, the environmental performance of the floor equally interesting, health and environmental protection is </p>
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