12/06/17 03:24AM
strengthen the floor
<p>great importance to the decoration of the office; at the same time, the office needs a good office environment as a place for people to work. The decent decent decoration style, quiet and comfortable office environment, people will be more into the work. Therefore, the choice of office ground decoration materials is very important. Feel </p>
<p>comfortable, non-slip, generous decent decent pattern, the beautiful pattern gives the impression that the strength of the enterprise. At the same time, the ground occupies a quarter of the space in the office and is one of the most touching and touching parts of the office, so it is very important that the office floor is comfortable. PVC flexible </p>
<p>floor, soft and flexible, comfortable feet, not only can solve the high-heeled shoes and the noise emitted by the ground, but also cut off 15-22 dB noise, create a quiet and comfortable work environment, improve work efficiency and customer experience . Some people may not know what pvc flexible floor flooring materials. Pvc flexible floor </p>
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