12/06/17 05:35AM
flooring materials
<p>unpredictable. For this over-dry, over-damp weather, some of the seasonal problems are inevitable in the home's wooden floor. Such as the emergence of the floor arching, discoloration, appear larger shrinkage and so on. The causes of these problems are many, may be due to the characteristics of wood swelling shrinkage may also </p>
<p>be caused by improper installation or maintenance, the following teach you how to identify and solve three major summer floor problems. Living room wooden floor renovation renderings Part1: identify the cause of the remedy to solve the summer floor arched floor arch is due to damp floor expansion. For the floor arching, the reason </p>
<p>is likely to be the floor accidentally blisters, it may be inadequate set aside when the expansion joints. First, the floor is soaked damp Arch of the main causes are often affected by large blisters on the floor, the following rainstorm did not close the window, the rain washed into the cup was beaten spilled did not promptly immersed in the </p>
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