12/06/17 06:21AM
wood flooring brand
<p>average color, strength, good elasticity and good foot feeling. Suitable for home laying. Now popular on the market floor is called wooden flooring. Wood flooring is made of natural wood after drying, processing and other processes made of a decorative material, wood flooring has many benefits, it looks more natural, the atmosphere, but </p>
<p>also cool in winter and summer, very suitable for the bedroom, living room, Study and other places to use. As people's awareness of the wooden flooring continues to deepen, many people are now buying wooden flooring in their renovated houses. Next, China's top ten wood flooring brand Xiaobian give you a few recommended wood </p>
<p>flooring brands. Home life Home creation has been established for nearly 20 years, is derived from the Malaysian brand, it is the world's largest manufacturer of antique flooring, now in many parts of the country set up a research and development production base, the original business itself It has a very rich forest resources, there is still a </p>
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