12/06/17 08:58AM
flooring companies or consumers
<p>the online election happy, the price is also clear at a glance. However, the floor is an important part of the home. Can not touch, always feel not practical enough. Therefore, the floor business is to do 'electricity supplier' or 'store' it? The pros and cons, whether it is flooring companies or consumers, should be carefully measured. </p>
<p>Floor e-commerce nowadays short board Nowadays, whether it is young people, or older consumers, have begun to favor online shopping. Due to the busy life, sometimes only need to move your fingers to buy things, which undoubtedly removed a lot of trouble. Buy flooring products online, you can not be limited space limitations </p>
<p>of the exhibition hall to find a variety of styles, colorful products. For floor planners, board electricity providers use the F2C sales model, direct docking consumers from the factory, eliminating the traditional home store rent, staff costs, the layout of the exhibition hall and other high costs. This undoubtedly increased sales profits. But online </p>
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