12/06/17 12:16PM
Panama of producing
At present Panama of producing area of Guangdong market red the pride of China signs up for 4800-5200 yuan / ton, 6700-6800 of Fang of essence of producing area [url=]composite wood covering of concrete patio[/url] Colombia yuan / ton. Smooth.

Perch of price of small sunken yellow wingceltis runs . Price of Nigaragua of above of 40cm of diameter of small sunken yellow wingceltis, producing area signs up for 3.8-4.3 10 [url=]lattice trellis panels for sale[/url] thousand yuan / ton, diametical 20-30cm signs up for 3.7-3.8 10 thousand yuan / ton, a bit of exalted moving price is not had reduce evidence.

Market personage analysis shows, the photograph [url=]polypropylene floor sale in new zealand[/url] that estimate value deviates from, follow the cost that go up to let lumber business make too big concession on sale price hard on one hand, another outside the canal of fountainhead resource accuses to also let businessmen produce state of mind of cherish carry out in certain level, this also is the main reason that market of log of near future [url=]exterior brick cladding for walls south africa[/url] South America has valence not to have city.

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