12/06/17 01:11PM
floor flooring members and distributors
and finally to Ciping, the place where the revolution will be held, and each link will simulate the revolutionary line . "This is a red congress, this is a victory of the General Assembly" The meeting, Xu floor flooring members and distributors, it is a turning point, but also an upgrade.
At the meeting, Xu floor will officially start the "Red Hurricane Action", driven by this action, Xu floor will complete a turning point and two upgrades. A turning point is not only a strategic turning point, Xu floor to "focus on Jiangsu, radiation east, facing the country,"
the strategic direction, to further strengthen. And in this strategy-oriented store image upgrade and moisture technology upgrades project, will be fully activated at the General Assembly. Take the road to revolution, and seek common development plan, the dealer's location is also very elegant.
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