12/07/17 03:47AM
house of Home
Contaminant of waste gas of house of Home Bo Luoni is discharged exceed bid
This year Feburary, go in for sth in a large scale [url=]preventing composite lumber from fading[/url] area environmental protection bureau lives in things to Boluoni (Beijing) Inc. (legal representative: Cai Ming) open an administration to punish decision book. Check via the analysis,

canister of exhaust of waste gas of workshop of [url=]ikea dark grey decking tiles[/url] spray paint of house of Home Bo Luoni has the blame firedamp in organizing waste gas discharge capacity of other people of department of total hydrocarbon, benzene exceeded Beijing " content of air pollution of [url=]labor cost for fence install[/url] woodiness furniture manufacturing industry discharges a standard " regulation, be fined 100 thousand yuan.

"Chen happy yuan " be punished 50 thousand yuan [url=]composite house material philippines[/url] because of waste gas pollution

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