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part of the floor
<p>installation need to pay attention to what? Need to prepare in advance? Wood floor installation Points to note: First, the floor height of the wooden floor before installation should pay attention to whether the indoor home height allowed Oh, wooden floor installation will account for the indoor part of the net, If the indoor height is not enough, it </p>
<p>is recommended not to choose wooden floor. Second, the grass-roots level to deal with the laying of grass-roots surface of the floor to do dirt treatment, dust, sand, these things should be cleared to deal with clean, otherwise it will affect the paste wood flooring. Third, the design of the test floor Before the installation of the floor pattern test </p>
<p>pattern shop, which is to ensure the pavement pattern Founder, will not be crooked wooden floor shop. Fourth, the ground floor to be laid flat wooden floor must be smooth, so that part of the floor or keel will not be empty, stampede occurs when the sound. Fifth, the keel to dry Wood floor moisture content is generally 12%, while the </p>
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