12/07/17 06:35AM
carpentry of courtyard
Man-made of place of carpentry of courtyard of Chinese forest division board room, establish 1998. Come nearly 10 years, share 30 more than person-time to obtain above of [url=]49x81 exterior crack resistant fence[/url] the national level, class that visit a department to reward. Win award of progress of national science and technology among them 3, award of the class that visit a department more than 10;

Win international and national [url=]mount composite decking to concrete[/url] invention patent more than 40, achievement of above of the class that visit a department 15, publish a paper more than 120. For domestic and international person of the same trade ability of accepted cohesive affinity, [url=]clearance composite fence[/url] innovation, scientific research develops ability strong be good at " make tough fight " innovation group.

In room director Yuwenji's researcher guide below, successful development went high-powered bamboo base fiber composite material, new-style recombine wood to make crucial [url=]vinyl parts for arbors and pergola[/url] technology, settled our country the difficult problem of resource scarcity of high grade hard broad Xie Cai, for our country fast unripe forest efficient use offerred strong technology to prop up ensure with the technology. In the meantime, break through foreign technology block,

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