12/07/17 09:29AM
brand building
<p>reiterating deepening supply-side reform Based on this situation, approved by the State Council, the May 10 of each year as the 'China Brand Day' in order to promote the country, business and even individuals to build their own autonomy Brand; and will also be the theme of this year's Chinese brand day positioning 'deepen supply-side </p>
<p>structural reforms, opening up a new era of independent brand development.' Deepening supply-side reform requires enterprises to improve their product quality to increase supply. This also indicates that the most basic brand to build from the product quality to start. Opposite the current situation of consumer upgrades, enterprises </p>
<p>should improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, take the initiative to adapt to the escalating changes in consumption structure, strengthen independent brand building, and develop the brand economy. From China to China to create In addition to providing quality products, China's brand building should also enhance the </p>
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