12/07/17 10:12AM
industry of nuclear
coking plant and industry of nuclear fuel treatment complete investment 240 million yuan, grow 175.9% compared to the same period; Medical manufacturing industry completes [url=]build a cheap outdoor floor Myanmar[/url] investment 1.7 billion yuan, grow 66% compared to the same period; Line of business of metalloid mine products completes investment 7.09 billion yuan,

grow 37.9% compared to the same [url=]porch railing and fence Wholesale[/url] period; Nonferrous metal smelt and pressure delay treatment industry to complete investment 3.9 billion yuan, grow 37.6% compared to the same period; Special equipment manufacturing industry completes investment 380 million yuan,[url=]wood flour and plastic composite material preparation[/url] grow 46.7% compared to the same period; The computer,

communication and manufacturing industry of other electron equipment complete investment 480 million yuan, grow 25.4% compared to the same period; Deserted resource uses course of [url=]wood gate material singapore[/url] study integratedly to complete investment 1.31 billion yuan, grow 33.1% compared to the same period.

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