01/04/18 04:12AM
not valuable timber solid wood flooring
Luo Luan believes that valuable wood represents only good characteristics of species does not mean that the floor made of it must be easy to use. "The so-called luxury mainly refers to good-looking pattern, beautiful texture, by everyone likes; followed by less or long growth cycle."
Speaking of quality, Luo said: "The material is not valuable timber solid wood flooring is of good quality. He said that even with the same kind of wood, different companies have different processes, different companies processing different floor quality is different.
On the other hand, "a wood no matter how bad, as long as the craft is done well, it can be a good floor." Luo Yi suggested that consumers buy solid wood flooring, do not blindly pursue expensive wood, but the first to understand the performance of wood, Second, we must understand that wood is not deformed at all is impossible,
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