01/04/18 06:06AM
plywood secondary processing decorative panels
an increase of 52.4 %; Fibreboard completed 777200 cubic meters, an increase of 10.39%; Particleboard completed 513600 cubic meters, an increase of 272.18%; plywood secondary processing decorative panels completed 4.41 million square meters, down 10.3%,
the product structure to further rationalization . Wooden furniture completed 434.86 million, an increase of 19.19%. Pulp completed 186,700 tons, a decrease of 1.73%; mechanism paper and cardboard completed 1,157,800 tons, an increase of 20.52%; wood flooring completed 1,006,600 square meters,
an increase of 0.21%. 3. Export growth maintained a good condition In the first half of 2007, the export of key products of forestry industry above the designated size in the province was in a good condition. The province's total export delivery value reached 6.488 billion yuan,
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