01/04/18 10:47AM
waterproof substrate Technical
<p>carpet, marble, stone patterns combined with the design of wood color, through the surface of the grain processing real reproduction of the appearance of the material. Designers will cut the rings of roots together pieced together, through irregular splicing, different age, different species together, as if memories of each of their years. </p>
<p>Synchronous embossing processing Small wood rings in the annual rings are also highlighted, using a dark brown color processing, it seems more stable design. Second, </p>
<p>the waterproof test: waterproof substrate Technical Features: The designer access road products introduced high-end configuration: New Zealand moisture-proof substrate The substrate is used abroad in the bathroom wall panels, kitchen area, marine materials. Product Features: [Moisture-proofing] [Memory] Xiaobian took a glass of water </p>
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