01/06/18 04:52AM
<p>Recommendation: parents with children in the home must be in the bay window, windows, balconies to install guardrail, parapet fence interval should not exceed 12 cm. If you are afraid of fence impact viewing, you can place the invisible security net or to windows, glass doors to install security locks. Myth # 2: excessive children's furniture </p>
<p>Yang Jie said that children's rooms are generally not large, if the furniture is too full, limiting the activities of children's space, but to bring trouble to their children. Recommendation: If your child is less than 7 years old, do not have to set the bookcase. Optional easy to move, high combination of furniture, easy to adjust space at any </p>
<p>time. At the same time, space is reserved on the walls of children's rooms for use as a 'mini-blackboard'. Children can freely graffiti and post them freely. Larger children can leave a space for display of work or photographs to develop a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Myth # 3: Use Carpets to Avoid Bumping Kids under 3 </p>
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