01/06/18 12:34PM
Hardwood Decking
When building a deck, you have numerous options; bamboo, ipe, and many others all vie for your attention. While there are so many deck materials to choose from, we pretty much all want our deck to be able to maintain high standards and characteristics. You have many choices to compare between the different types of wood from hardwoods, from domestics to exotics, compared to bamboo, a woven material.
Although there are many hardwoods to choose from, the one I feel is worthy checking out is WPC. Originating from Brazil, this material is one of the finest quality hardwoods for decking. It well-known for outstanding benefits and its totally unique look. Deck owners who have installed WPC enjoy a deck with natural properties that make it tough and long lasting thanks to its high density and tight grain. Natural oils in the wood give you excellent resistance against decay, mold, and insects. It holds up under extreme traffic and heavy use, and is very resistant to scratches and slivers.
WPC, like most hardwoods, has a class A flame spread rating, which is the same rating as concrete and steel. This is beneficial because if a tiki torch, or piece of charcoal spills onto your deck, the flame won spread as fast as a softer wood. It has a natural rich brown color, with some red and amber hues. It has been known to last up to 50+ years without preservatives. It stands up to harsh climates with minimal maintenance.
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