01/07/18 04:41AM
Outdoor flower box design
Get flowers and other plants off the deck and to better line ... plus the creation of a more dynamic "Finish" for your outdoor terrace is simple, using the latest best-of-breed planter railway bridge designs. Installation of most planters guardrail of the bridge is simple ... toe-hold and anchor locking mechanisms are one of several front-right techniques to ensure your safety planter box. Materials? Wood ... ceramic and terra cotta planters?vinyl ... composite concrete planter designs ... even copper planter along models cast aluminum with growers.
Large base with sensual hourglass-shaped, with grooves along the decorative panels, urn planters offer the best in elegant looks and ease of positioning anywhere on your terrace. Traditionally, urn-shaped terra cotta planters to recreate the look and atmosphere of the ancient Mediterranean culture. Soft rusty earth-tone color or patterned glass disk bold urn planters are available in heights of over 36 inches.
Design tips for watering and care: Varieties on self-watering planters individual spray bullets, suspended from a tree that you insert into the ground planter box. Result? Your planter box bridge itself waters! The natural "drawing" of the plant will pull water in the plant's root system.
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